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The store offers a wide variety of services and products including:

Bring your bird to stay for a day, a week or how ever long you may need! -no appointment required. When you bring your bird in for boarding rest assured we will take great care of your pet bird. Each bird is given its own cage and the boarding fee includes the cost of food. Feel free to bring a few of your bird's favorite toys and treats.

A BirdSmart boarding slip will be filled out when dropping off your bird to ensure we have all the correct contact information as well as any special instructions regarding your bird.

Boarding Fees Per Day(Cost of Food included)

Smal Birds - (Finches, Parrolet, Cockatiel) $7.00
Medium Birds - (Conures to Mini Macaws) $9.00
Large Birds or Softbills - (Lories, African Greys, Cockatoos, Macaws) $11.00
Birds requiring hand feeding $20.00
Birds requiring medication (with non-infectious problems only) $25.00

Your bird will receive a wing/nail clip and an organic coconut oil beak and foot massage. When you purchase a bird from BirdSmart, you will receive a lifetime of free groomings!

If your bird was not purchased with us we still provide standard grooming services which include the following:

Flight feathers clipped, toe nails, trimmed & filed - any sized bird $10.00
Beak trimmed & filled $10.00
Beak trimmed, flight feathers clipped, nails trimmed & files $20.00
In-Home Grooming
*per 5 mile radius $25.00
*per bird depending on service required (appointment only) $10.00 - $20.00

DNA Sex Testing
If you would like to know the sex of your bird, we offer DNA testing for $32.99 which includes certificate.

There is no one-type-fits-all when it comes to your bird's nutrition. Feeding your bird the right parrot diet is absolutely essential to his health (and lifespan!) At Birdsmart our seed is mixed in house, is grown pesticide free and is of a premium quality that all birds love!


Pellet diets
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We also carry:

Pretty Bird
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Jungle toys
Poop Off
Natures Miricale
Healthy Habitat
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Living World
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  • "I bought my painted conures here. The staff was super friendly and did not mind going out of their way to help us. I can only hope that here in WA state we get an avian store that can compare to the service at birdsmart. You can also tell that the staff genuinely cares about the well being of their birds. Highly recommend!"
    Briana S.
  • "Great place and the staff really know how to take care of their customers and birds!"
    Jay M.
  • ""Wonderful place and enjoyed visiting with all the birds and learning about them"."
    James C.
  • ""Always super friendly, knowledgeable, clean and helpful. I wouldn't board my Eclectus anywhere else"."
    Mark S.
  • ""What a wonderful experience !! Just purchased my first lovebird !! I'm in love and they were so helpful and full of information. Affordable cages!! Thank you Ginny&Kara""
    Michelle A.
  • ""This is going to be the best bird store in San Diego! Come by today to get all you need for your birds! Birds of any kind will be covered! If they don't have it tell them, they'll start carrying it even if it's just for you! Birds are out on stands to interact with the public too!""
    Allison L.
  • ""Just picked up our african grey on Friday ! She is very happy and chatting away. Birdsmart is a great place for all your bird needs. The people working there are very friendly and know all the birds very well. If you're thinking of getting a new family member, go check out birdsmart. You won't regret going.""
    Steve B.